Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you were an item of clothing, what would you be?

Hello There, 

Hope your week is going well. Thought I would end the night with a question. The question is...If you were any item of clothing, what would you be? For me, that question is fairly easy. I would be a black wiggle dress from the Fifties! 

Photo courtesy of ...SVPPLY.
WAIT.....! A girl is allowed to change her mind? RIGHT!!! I would like to alternate between that, and a cherry red full length gown. 

Why the black wiggle dress? This one signifies a sense of ownership of your womanly figure. It caresses the female silhouette like no other. I would be made of either gabardine or wool. There would also be slight pleating around my hip. This would ensure that the women who wore me, and rocked a serious figure, would wiggle on down the avenue. And for the women who had a little less curve, I would have a built in figure eight. 

Thanks to for the pic!
Then why a cherry red gown also? A woman should ALWAYS have a gorgeous red gown,  if only to wear a handful of times.  I would remind her of the memory of entering a room and having all eyes on her.  Then, I would be treasured by the next owner is the SAME EXACT way!

I am sure I am dreaming! There are those of us who would take care of our prized possessions like, well, prize possessions. Until the next GLORIOUS thing that came into our lives. I guess the point that I am trying to get to, is that ultimately, we are our MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS, and that we need to value ourselves like the irreplaceable beings we are!

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