Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Hidden Beauty of the Rio Grande

The View from where we were!
Today was a truly special day.  We spent it at the bookstore, taking our time and perusing til our heart was content. There is a local bookstore named Under Charlie's Covers.  It is located in Bernalillo which is down the hill from Placitas.  They moved to a new location that is bigger and fits the over 18,000 (plus) books that the owner inherited from her father.  They let you bring in your books for trade and you pay a nominal fee (.50) per book for the new ones you get.  Quite the bargain!! Both kiddos found new books that they could not live without, then we were on our way to visit The Rio Grande (a request from baby boy before we relocate)...

We usually visit The Rio Grande via The Hyatt Tamaya.  After a short walk on a trail (about 10 minutes) you come to a gazebo and we enter just past there.  Yes, we went off path, but in our defense, there is an obvious pathway that has been used by others.  Here we attempted to skip rocks (Hubster being the most adept) and collected rocks.  It appears that the area we were in was at one time submerged in water so lots of the rocks were smooth.  They were interesting colors and textures!  Yes, the kiddos made sure to get a LITTLE muddy (they are kids for goodness sake) but had such a wonderful time.  To and from we were able to find shade, and they have a wonderful bathroom (not the hole in the ground or port-a-potty that you would expect- it is The Hyatt after all!) so we made sure to have them clean themselves up before heading back.

Baby Girl & Boy before they got MUDDY!

After the short walk back we headed home.  We all felt as if we had a little workout, but without the usual feeling of working out.  The feeling of being out in nature lends itself to the feeling that we are in greatness and that the world is such a beautiful and wonderful place.  I always feel as if it forces me to take a step back and appreciate  what I have.  Yes, I have my trials and tribulations just like others, but it is how I choose to handle them that makes me UNIQUE for being me....Kat Wilson.

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