Saturday, June 16, 2012

Healthy Food can be Tasty!!!

Today started off on a great note.  Weather was not as windy and it was a little overcast.  It was a nice change from what we have been experiencing over the last month.  Breakfast was delicious but lunch was BEYOND.

In the grill pan...ready to devour!
I have been having some health issues and I have had to adjust my diet.  We have always focused on healthy options and tried to go "organic" whenever possible.  Our fav store is Trader Joe's and they have organic options that help us stay well within our budget. I have been told on MANY occasions that I should be part of their advertising team.  I cannot say enough good things about this store!  Almost everything we buy is from there.  Often times the only reason we don't is because they do not carry it!  I HIGHLY recommend!

Nice and Balanced....
Anyhow, I started off this blog wanting to write about something in particular.....LUNCH.  In our house we usually all have the same meal. But, sometimes, we make a couple different things because baby girl and boy request something else. Today the item asked for was grilled cheese sandwiches.  Now, a while back the Hubster read somewhere that when you do them with a light coating of mayo versus butter was an easier option for spreading on bread.  We started doing them that way, and the kids never noticed.  We do them on a grill pan to get the great square design that you see in the pictures. I also purchased potato bread from TJ's instead of wheat because of my new diet.  It's the first time that we have had it and I tell ya.....the sandwich tasted as if was straight from a restaurant.  It had a slightly sweet taste that was TO DIE FOR!  I wonder if some of them use potato bread? HMMMM....

Here is the LOVELY & YUMMY nacho plate...!
Now, I move on to our meal.  We decided on nachos since we still had some soy chorizo (yes, from TJ's!) that does not contain gluten so it fits the bill perfectly. Since we were out of salsa, fresh green tomatoes always works well.  We had corn on the cob left, so Josh sliced it off and added it onto the corn tortilla chips. Also on the plate were olives, colby-jack cheese, and fresh guacamole.  Another way to spice things up is the jalapeño pepper hot sauce from TJ's.  They recommended it versus regular tabasco sauce, and they were right.  It is thicker so it stays put, and the first ingredient is jalapeños so it really carries some kick.  It was truly the perfect example of sweet and spicy!!! Last but not wonderful lemon water to wash it down.

Well, there you have it!  Our two kick**s meals that we had for lunch.  Try to whip them up sometime. You will be glad you did!

Til next time,


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