Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Constitutes Style?

Velvet jumped right in frame!

Hello Stylish Souls,

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I come to you again with a vlog and few words on the subject of style.  There are many ways that individuals choose to express their style.  It could be your clothing, accessories, or even the eyeglasses that frame your face.  Your style may be on the simple side or as outrageous as it comes.  It is all up to you and what you would like to convey to the rest of the world.

So, what does your style say about you?  Are you a risk taker?  Do you throw caution to the wind?  Or, do you play it safe?  That is the question.

Gotta love the Pink!
As in my vlog, I also ask whether or not buying name brand labels makes you automatically a style maven.  Because trust me, there are self-proclaimed style vixens who spend a tremendous amount on the latest trend but still miss the mark when it comes to style.
Wait, maybe I'm the one who is off the mark!  Who says that I have to like your idea of self-expression?  I know there are people around who don't appreciate my mohawk and think some of my color combos are questionable while others give me a big thumbs up.

Then here comes the question....What constitutes fashion?  I think that the quickest to react and best answer came from a co-worker and the wonderful @jenscloset on twitter.  Both of whom had the response....Fashion is what you love to wear, what you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing!  WELL SAID!

So, please enjoy the video, and if you like what you see please follow me here and on twitter @katsmeoww11.  I would love your feedback.  It is much appreciated.

So-So Serious!

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