Friday, February 10, 2012

Forever in Love.....

Yes, this one has ATTITUDE!
Hello Fellow Lovers of Life,

Pink Goddess Heels....
Yes, it's that time of year again! The time when they say you should, without regret, share your undying LOVE for your significant other. You go out and spend money on the one, or two, or five things that you hope will show just how much you care. It's a frustrating time for most because oftentimes finding that perfect thing is IMPOSSIBLE. Or, at this time, you do not have a romantic partner. The expectations are daunting and many fail, fail, fail miserably.

Billie....Lovely in Lace!
That is, if you subscribe to the notion of just one day of Blissful Love....... (collective sigh). I have always believed that you show your love whenever the urge arises. There should not be just one day in which to share your feelings. To lump this Lovefest into one day, of course, leads to way too much pressure. When your heart swells, your eyes tear, and your heart skips a beat, you should try to let that person know just what affect they have on you. Well, unless ya just might cause a scene or lose your job? Then you might have to weigh your danger options!

And we all know that this day is not the only day to express your Red and Pinkness! They are both Girlie and Sassy rolled up into two beautiful colors. There is ALWAYS a shade of red that you can find to flatter you. Pink however reigns supreme when it's pale or bright. Whether it's an accessory or wiggle dress these colors stand on their own. Find the shade that speaks to you and run with it!

City Girl with SASS!!!!
If you believe that you do not have a special person in your life, please rethink that. Because YOU are that special person. Without love for yourself, there cannot truly be love for another. Figuring out how to love yourself with imperfections and all should always be your first step. After that, you are more aware of what you like and/or need.

Ready to Wiggle?
Take this day for what it is. It is just another day in which you show your love, not the ONLY day! It will mean far more to your loved ones to have you express your feelings year round and when it is least expected. Don't you agree?
It's all in the detail.

Til next time,


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