Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's ALL about the BOOTS!!!!!

 50's Frye in San Francisco
Hello Fashion Lovers,

I come to you with a quest to share my LOVE of boots.  Their versatility is unmatched and during the colder months, they are my staple.  I have one pair that I wear almost EVERYDAY!  I am sure that I am NOT the only one.  I see you out there, you Fashion Goddesses ROCKIN' your footwear.  You get it, and you aim to share your Fabulousness with all that will take it in!  

Staple boot this year!
Now, boots can be worn with jeans of course, but they can also be worn with almost EVERYTHING else. It all depends on your vision and what you are trying to express.  It is no longer a shame or inappropriate to put them on with your shortest mini or your tightest thrashed jeans.  It all depends on where your vision is taking you.
Sassy AND Functional...

 So, I say to you.....YOU wear those stiletto or cone heeled boots with Pride and Sass and don't let ANYONE steer you away from your need for self-expression!  After is YOUR VISION!

A rich wine shade...perfect with jeans also.

Etienne Aigner...perfect for the stables!

Marc Nason Lovlies!  SCORE!!!

80s with perfect heel!

Italian Goodies...pea green!
This is how they need to fit your ankles.

Last but not least....Slouchy!

Til next time,


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  1. Those Frye boots are right in my wheelhouse! Love the music in the background too! :)