Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Morality(?) and Legality of selling Replica bags?!?!

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Vtg. Coach- late 60's/early 70s
Burberry 70s/80s

I am so pleased that you have joined me for another blog/vlog.  I have really enjoyed the journey thus far, and I look forward to all the wonderful experiences that are in the future.  I have received tremendous support that does my heart good.   It has truly kept me going!

80s Gucci
W&D  Black Mesh Crossbody
That being said, this week I have been stewing over an issue that I have with resale shops selling bags that they know are fake.  Whether or not they identify them as faux, they are still selling something that they know is illegal to sell.  Maybe you are a fan of fake and/or replica bags because it puts the designer bag within your price range.  There are bags out there that copy their style but DO NOT go the extreme of putting a logo on the bag.  To each person there is a particular stance that is individual to them.  For me, if I cannot buy the real thing (which I usually buy second hand from either a thrift or consignment store), I would rather buy something that is unique and not designer.  Sometimes at a price that is a little high and at other times at a real steal.  I tend to not purchase bags that have logos all over it, but I will never say never to that in the future.

Bonnie Cashin for Coach

Pea Green!!!!
I have done a short vlog speaking about this subject.  If you would let me know some of what you are thinking that would be awesome!

So where do you think that responsibility rests?  Do you think that because it is a resale shop they should be able to knowingly sell something that is illegal or do you think the blame is with the consignor?  I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days, and I would love to know how you feel!

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  1. Hey Kat! Great topic. As an honest vintage seller, I feel a real responsibility to make sure that all the items I offer are the genuine article. The problem of replicas and knock offs has been going on forever but that doesn't make it okay to sell them. If it's illegal there is no excuse for selling it as far as I am concerned. Thanks for airing your concerns & giving me a chance to express my opinion on this very important subject.

  2. Putting a trademarked logo on a fake bag and selling it as an original is illegal and difficult and costly to prosecute. Replicas are one thing, counterfeiting is at a different level and usually tied to other illegal activities as well (e.g. child labor). Not only does the purchase of the item undermine the industry, you contribute to the racket, buy an inferior product at a (still) highly inflated price, not to mention extensive social and economic issues. Bugs the crap out of me. What really frightens me however, are counterfeit airplane parts.