Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beyond BLESSED!!!!

What my Baby Girl Represents..PURE LIGHT and SUN!
Hello There Fellow Kindhearts....

When trying to decide what to write about for this blog my first thought was giving you insight and a backstage pass to my performance in the Opera "The Robot and the Bluebird".  That was before this morning's events.  I might cover it at a later date but instead I feel compelled to share what happened to my family this morning and how it reminded me what is TRULY IMPORTANT.

We all live under the same sky!
Today started off blissfully, with my kiddos actually letting the Hubster and me sleep until almost eight!  This being Christmas day, it was quite a feat.  But, at about six minutes til, baby girl could not wait anymore.  We got up, and I went straight to making coffee.  We have an order to things and orderly was the game plan of the day.  That, and an afternoon movie. We opened a good amount of things and thought it would be a good time to have breakfast.  Josh was going to make his outstanding chili for us to munch on at lunch and later in the day. Let me just tell is beyond good!   Anyhow, I digress! In order to slow things down, he suggests that they read one of the many books that they received while I got the food ready.  Baby girl being the sweetheart that she is readily agreed.  Then, there was nothing but this INCREDIBLE smack sound.  I will NEVER forget it!  I look over to my husband frantically asking my daughter if she was OK.  Upon picking her up he let out a scream and I knew it was bad.  I walk over to pull half a tooth off of her lipShe had broken off over half of one and a third off the other.  First instinct was to get a cold towel and to whisk her up and surround her with love. This was a fluke accident, and it was simply too unbearable to take in.

Josh called his father and then the dentist.  With the fact that she is eight and they are permanent, it was imperative to make sure that there was no nerve damage.  The dentist's office was BEYOND amazing!  We met up with two of the dentists at their location and they set to repairing her teeth.  I should tell you that I actually had my two front teeth chipped at the same age but my chip was NOWHERE near this bad.  It has been fixed and there are no visual signs of mine but I remember it like it was yesterday.  They instantly became our heroes because they did not think twice about leaving their families on a holiday to make sure that my girl was OK.

Please don't get me wrong.  I know that there is more to a person than their looks.  I am a firm believer in that!  However, as a parent you want to make sure that your child has the least amount of obstacles as possible.  This damage would have been an obstacle to say the least. I am truly a Mama Bear and I tend to mother those around me.  A village mentality makes me connected to all of my fellow human beings, and I cannot discount that fact.  When it's your own child, your heart HURTS!

With all of our differences...we as a people still fit together so well!
 I tell you this story as an example of how I would have traded places with my girl and not have had her experience that pain and trauma.  We were lucky.  She could had split her head open and suffered a concussion.  There are many other possibilities that I dare not imagine.  Ultimately, I feel blessed beyond belief that we have each other to love and care for.  I would give my life for my children and I know that there are other parents who would do the same.  It made this day and all of its trimmings and expectations melt away.  Leaving the simple thought that none of this would mean a thing to me without the ones I love.

Though it appears broken...there is still strength.
So, til next time...Hug, Kiss, Talk to, and Embrace those that you hold dear. Because ultimately, they mirror your love's potential!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Morality(?) and Legality of selling Replica bags?!?!

Hello Out There,

Vtg. Coach- late 60's/early 70s
Burberry 70s/80s

I am so pleased that you have joined me for another blog/vlog.  I have really enjoyed the journey thus far, and I look forward to all the wonderful experiences that are in the future.  I have received tremendous support that does my heart good.   It has truly kept me going!

80s Gucci
W&D  Black Mesh Crossbody
That being said, this week I have been stewing over an issue that I have with resale shops selling bags that they know are fake.  Whether or not they identify them as faux, they are still selling something that they know is illegal to sell.  Maybe you are a fan of fake and/or replica bags because it puts the designer bag within your price range.  There are bags out there that copy their style but DO NOT go the extreme of putting a logo on the bag.  To each person there is a particular stance that is individual to them.  For me, if I cannot buy the real thing (which I usually buy second hand from either a thrift or consignment store), I would rather buy something that is unique and not designer.  Sometimes at a price that is a little high and at other times at a real steal.  I tend to not purchase bags that have logos all over it, but I will never say never to that in the future.

Bonnie Cashin for Coach

Pea Green!!!!
I have done a short vlog speaking about this subject.  If you would let me know some of what you are thinking that would be awesome!

So where do you think that responsibility rests?  Do you think that because it is a resale shop they should be able to knowingly sell something that is illegal or do you think the blame is with the consignor?  I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days, and I would love to know how you feel!

til next time,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Cadillac Ranch, TX.
Hello Again,

Well, now that I have recovered from my interesting trek to the East Coast from New Mexico I can share my adventure.  There were negatives and positives and after stepping back I realize that my experience will add lots of wisdom (do you believe me) to this soul of mine.  

Not sure if you are familiar with the HILARIOUS run of movies that were about the crazy bad things that happened to one particular family during different vacations and holidays.  They were all labeled under National Lampoon and featured Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo among others. The Griswolds had their share of bad luck.  You can guess by now that I had some similar experiences during our way to and from the East Coast by my tweets during, but I thought that I would share more specifics.  In this quest, I aim to show you that things can always be worse then what you are going through.

Red Velvet Culprit!
 We always start our trips off early so that we can stop by a coffee shop and pick up much needed drinks and pastries.  This time we opted to wait until we picked up our rental car which happened to be about 40 minutes away from the house.  The car was prepaid by the in-laws and all set, or so we thought.  After dragging the kiddos down with a packed car (because when you are driving across country you need lots of things of course), we arrived to pick-up our reserved minivan.  Hubster walks out to tell us that out of the TEN rental car companies housed in that particular location ours was the ONLY one that required that when you live in New Mexico you had to show a round trip airline ticket.  There must have been something heavy that went down to make them institute that policy.  We were notified of this fact by a wonderful, soft spoken, and courteous (please realize that I am being sarcastic and unfortunately she was far from this) counter person.  So what to do now?  Car fully loaded and kids hungry!   Not to mention that this woman has not had her morning coffee and is not fully awake!  We try to reach in-law to reschedule another but to no avail!  His phone is turned off during the morning...this NEVER happensHuddle time begins.  Decide to get coffee and food before we ALL lose it and head back home to pick up our larger car.  Wait...I didn't mention that we drove down our thrashed car with the intention of leaving it behind for the week.  After this is done, we head out on our first leg which is about 14 hours, leaving 2 1/2 hours behind schedule.  Not so bad?

Boy did I feel welcome...
O & N bliss!
Music makes the world hum.
Get to our hotel around 2:30 or 3:00 after many stops (Cadillac Ranch being a highlight) and the front desk person DID NOT want to let us in.  The doors have to be opened by her and she was giving us the "DON'T ROB ME" stare and reluctantly allowed us in.  Speaking with Josh (the Hubster) about this we realize that maybe she had a negative experience in the past and was nervous.  That being said, what robber comes to the door with two children with one doing the pee-pee dance. Just sayin'.....

Yes Honey...we see it!
The second leg of four started off great (minus the three hours of sleep).  We went through Memphis and Nashville.  But before that we stopped by the Clinton Library and were blown away by the building itself.  It is a looker with lots of glass and metal.  Surrounded by beautiful trees and much older buildings it reigns with Goliath stature and personally left me in awe!    Next visiting the famous Beale Street taking in the architecture and GIBSON (a.k.a. Mama's Paradise!) store was beyond dreamy.  The weather was overcast but with living in New Mexico moisture is welcome.   Nashville was where we found beautiful churches,  slap somebody BBQ, and the most amazing RED VELVET ice cream.  This ice cream was so good that when you take the first bite your eyes enlarge and you moan in delight.  If you are ever in Nashville, I highly recommend that you stop in!
Water surrounds it...

View to the right.
Now, I said that it started off great.  But, we soon realized that we were destined to not arrive at our sleeping accommodations until three in the morning.  Why do I say this?  Well, upon arriving in the neighborhood of Josh's brother because of streets being added on and construction, we drove around for at least an hour looking for his place.  Needless to say, our niece and nephew that were hoping to see us were fast asleep as we crept into our beds as quiet as mice.

One of our lovely family walks.
In the middle was a wonderful visit with family.  There was lots of good food, long walks, and adult discussions.  Watching all of the cousins together was heartwarming and solidified our decision to move a little closer.  I can truly say that being with family was the highlight of the trip.  There are times when you really appreciate the fact that there are some people you sometimes don't see eye to eye with but when you bring the youngsters into the mix make the concentrated effort to have a harmonious existence.

Outside of Doumar's
Next day we visited Doumar's in Virginia and got to experience an establishment that still deals out the basics.  They serve a yummy burger and fries.  They tout the claim that the owner has the very first ice cream cone maker.  People travel far and wide to take in this deliciousness.  You can order inside or they have drive up spots.  I managed to go across that street and find a few items that were true treasures at amazing prices.  I am going to love haunting these places once we are there!

The view on our walk in Virginia Beach
This was followed by a romantic overnight stay at the beach with the Hubster.  Every year in Virginia Beach they light up the boardwalk with themed lights and stands.  It really was a site to take in!

Ok, now we are entering our dream sequence.  After many stops to eat and stretch I INSIST that I help Josh with the driving.  It just so happens that my son has got to go to the bathroom rather badly.  My hubby, stating again the fact that they are indeed boys and can easily urinate outside, pulls off onto an exit.  This is the perfect time for us to switch driving, right?  I hop out, walk around and start to climb into the car.  Without being fully in, I ask myself, "What is that smell?"  I look down to find a heaping load of #2 not only on my boot but on my bag strap.  Yes, the strap is long and for some unbenounced reason decided to skim the bottom of said boot!  I should mention that this #2 was not from a pet.  Go ahead, chuckle.....or gag...whatever your body longs to do.  Spent the next 30 to 40 minutes cleaning up while watching the Hubster dry heave at the very thought of what I just stepped in.  Yes, yes he did!  Got off at the very next stop, which happened to be a very nice rest area (WHAT!!!!) and officially got every last remnant off though the memory still lingers.

After this we spent the next 3 1/2 hours driving about twelve miles.  Not knowing what had happened was the worst of it so we thought.  Unfortunately someone lost their life and someone else lost a family member.  While in the standstill traffic it was a fest of complaining but once we found out what happened it made our driving experience pale.  

When taking in all the negatives that happened in the end we are so blessed to have each other to love, cherish, and sometimes drive a little crazy.  We have to be thankful to (insert whatever higher power you subscribe to here) that we get to have another day.  If we hadn't had the trouble we had earlier in the day we might have been on the road in the very spot where this tragedy happened.  But, for some reason, we are all still here with the capacity to follow our dreams, love who we love, and make life easier and more harmonious for those around us.  It is a challenge sometimes, but I know that it is one that both YOU and I are up to!

til next time,