Monday, November 14, 2011


Mirrored box purse -50s
Hello There Luvs,

I am so excited to offer up my third installment for my blog vlog.   This time, I am featuring bags!  I cannot say enough about what a bag offers.  They are our keeper of secrets, they hold things that we consider sacred, and they contain the items that help to provide our masks to the world.  I cannot remember a day when I wasn't trying to find the PERFECT bag that said just how I felt.  Whether I wanted to have an edge or I wanted to convey that I was a TRUE LADY, without the perfect bag, ALL was lost. 
Gold Brocade Clutch-50s

Carpeted Bag- 60s

Have you ever felt that way? I know there are other women that cannot live without the bag that has the right amount of pockets,  that buttery leather feel, or that perfect shade.  It is universal!  For me, it has NEVER been about the label. Yes, I do have some higher end pieces, but when I am looking, it is all about how that bag makes me feel.  If it doesn't add that walking on clouds feeling, then I WILL NOT buy it.  There are many that will buy just for the name on it and I wish them the best. But, if you have to spend an arm and a leg for it, how can you let it become part of you without worrying about the slightest flaw that occurs.

Frenchy custom leather 70's-80s

There will never be the right words to convey the sentiment and joy that a great bag can bring.  I am a loyal lover of vintage bags because the work including the detailing cannot be measured by today's standards.  There is a reason why so many of these treasures are around today.  They were made EXCEPTIONALLY well!

I hope that you enjoy my latest video, and I hope that you come back again.  I would love to share more of my vintage finds with YOU!

 til next time,


P.S. Yes...that is Billie right behind me in the video!

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