Monday, October 31, 2011

Music for the SOUL!!!!

I believe that I am not alone when I say that music is truly a window to the soul.  The way in which we express ourselves can often go hand in hand with the music that we listen to.  It can bring us up when we are feeling sad.  It can also bring back the memories of a specific time and place within the first few notes. 

Growing up, Gospel was the music that was a constant in my household and Mahalia Jackson was the Supreme Goddess.  I can remember having the feeling that there was something soul building and defining when listening to her.  I would not, or rather, could not let a musical pass me by on the television.  I was GLUED to it and I felt a fundamental urgency to be exposed to all music.  It happened quite often that my sisters (of which I have three) would complain to my mother that I was singing a tune from a musical.  Give me Doris Day or West Side Story and I was in Heaven.  Did it deter me from being me? NO!  But, it did delay the process of the performer that I am today.  I am NOT complete without music in my life!  And I feel that there are a lot of people out there that feel exactly the same way.

Pink Floyd
In my household, music is on all the time.  It is turned on first thing when we rise and turned off when the lights go off for the night.  My son is named after a famous musician and the gift that went out as a wedding present was a CD with some of our favorite tunes.  Anything from classical to blues and anything in between was included.  Right now, my baby girl loves the spa station on satellite radio even though my boy thinks it's a MAJOR snooze fest.  He leans toward Rock&Roll and anything that he can play air guitar and slide on the floor to.  Early on he asked the Hubster and me what a R&R star wears.  Individuals have their own slant to what they like, and my children are no exception.
Mahalia Jackson

So what floats your boat in regard to musicAre you a classic rock lover, or is Hip Hop more your speed?  Sometimes it is hard to tell just what a person has on their iPod or plays on vinyl at home.  I am sure that I would be surprised at what some of my co-workers get their groove on to.  Or would I?  I cannot count the amount of times I was told how surprising it was that I am a R&R girl at heart.  Why, I don't know!  I am a musician and all music speaks to me.  I can find something that I like in all genres and I am always open to new sounds and beats.

Public Enemy
If you believe, as I do, that there is growth in the soul then there should be potential in everything, including the music you listen to.  So next time a person is excited to share the music of a new group that they have been turned onto, take a listenYou never could be the new sound that YOU get your groove on to!

Til next time,

Patsy Cline

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