Sunday, October 9, 2011


When thinking of caffeine, different things come to mind. Anything from chocolate and coffee, to the much debated soda (or pop as they would say in my hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri). I thought that I would share with you my passion for these things. I would love it I you would share your stories with me. I will add some on to this blog page over the next week.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in LOVE with chocolate. There are many stories that I could share about overdoing it! One comes easily to mind when trying to give an accurate account of the craziness that was my obsession. When I was in high school, one of my best friends (Shelley D. whom I affectionately referred to as Boo-Boo) worked at her family's convenience store on Sundays. Every Monday she would bring candy bars. Not just a few, but eight to ten. By second period I would finish ALL of the candy! Normally I am a sharer, but I would have probably reduced someone's arm to a nub if they dared to touch one of my precious goodies. I have since learned that moderation regarding these jewels is much better. I have also come to appreciate the benefits of dark chocolate. From ganache covered cakes to dark chocolate covered almonds they are all TRUE JOY for me! Here is a link to the Science Daily website that will help feel better about your dark chocolate cravings!!

Now....let's talk soda! I have ALWAYS been a walking billboard for Dr. Pepper. I will break into song in order to express the love I have for this wonderful concoction. When asking others about their favorite soda you will find that they have a strong opinion about what makes the best, THE BEST. Coke lovers seem to have no problem going to battle about their choice being heads and tails above the rest. If they hadn't removed it out years ago, I would swear that it still had the special ingredient (cocaine) in it! They are passionate to say the least! Regardless of what your favorite is, when deciding which one to drink, moderation always seems to make it more possible.  Not only for your health, but for your figure.

Last but not least COFFEE..... Right now, my method of choice is with half and half and a little sugar in the raw.  I try to buy locally on the occasion that I buy out.  When making at home I absolutely LOVE Trader Joes's Dark Roast.  It is labeled as "Rich and Flavorful" and I would agree.  It is also priced very reasonably. Over time the opinion and research has gone back and forth regarding whether or not it is good for you. The current research is saying that it can actually be beneficial as we age. Once again, moderation seems to be the key.  Here is a link to Dr.Weil's website that can give you more information about the positives and negatives.

Please feel free to share you love for all things caffeinated and I look forward to hearing from you.

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