Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sixties........

When thinking about the 60s, it's not hard to flash back to what the era represented.  It was a time of turmoil that swept the US, and the clothing reflected all the different approaches that we had toward love, life, and each other.  It happens to be one of my favorite decades as far as fashion goes.  There was a love for life and a quest for freedom that defined us then and remains with us today.

The music scene was AMAZING.  The Beatles, The Temptations, The Sound of Music, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, and Ray Charles ruled the charts along with many other tremendous musicians.  There is a long list of sounds that made this decade exceptional, and without these ear pleasing melodies it would be hard to truly explain the passion that was felt.

Also during this time, skirts could go from six inches above the knee to floor skimming.  Flower power and the MOD scene each held their ground and Twiggy was the reigning icon: Goddess of beauty.  There are models today who owe their success to this ground breaker.  Flower power has been constantly recreated, restyled, and redone several times over but still remains a big part of what is remembered during that time.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall and experience the glory.  Right now what we are left with is the visual that makes us smile, along with the tears for lives lost and destinies changed.

If you know someone who was around during this time and they are willing to share, I encourage you to sit down, bend you ear, and hear just what they have to say.  Recently, I spoke with someone that lived in Mississippi during this time of uprising, and I can tell you that I am all the wiser for listening!  Not everyone bought into the hatred that sculpted regions.  There were kind souls that embraced differences not only in style choices, but in color of skin. 

'til next time,


Saturday, September 17, 2011


                                 Hello All,

I have always loved what the word accessory (bag, hat, gloves, belts, and scarves) encompasses.  The perfect accessory can add the needed flair to an outfit that just hasn't quite come together.   An embroidered handbag can make you feel as if your painting day outfit is as full of sass as the ensemble that you wore the previous night out on the town.  You can flutter around as if you are wearing your favorite fifties frock, when in all actuality you're in paint splattered overalls.  Being a big fan of recycling, I usually begin my search at the local thrift shops.  You can usually find a treasure without breaking your budget.  I have had a lot of success in little hole-in-the-wall spots.  So don't let a shop that seems a little unorganized deter you!  You might just find your next dream bag there.

A belt is no longer just used to hold your pants or skirt up.  They can add a pleasant silhouette to an over sized dress or shirt.  Whether it's leather, metallic, tooled, snakeskin, or cloth it can instantly add some personality to whatever you are wearing without a second thought.  They can accent a high waist or provide one where it is needed, along with brightening up a monochromatic outfit.   What other part of your wardrobe can do that so easily!

When looking at a picture of a woman from the forties or fifties that is on her way out for a night on the town, to church, and/or any other special occasion she was always dressed to the nines.  What helped her achieve this was the use of matching hats and gloves.  Nowadays when trying to find a vintage hat that fits it is a little bit of a challenge.  If you find one that fits you well you should definitely buy it!  When trying to accomplish the look there are other options such as pillbox (which can be pinned on the side), suit hats with or without netting, and colorful bow adorned nets that fit any size head.  YEAH!!  Nothing says "Sassy" better than a side positioned fabulous hat!  Regarding gloves, they come in different variations and hold the same sizing issue.  But, if you can find the type that has a side slit and is cloth, you might just be in luck.  I have found that they seem to run larger.

Last but not least are scarves.  Women used to wear them to cover their hair and keep it in place.  They would also use them to accent the neck while providing a splash of color.  Not only can you use them in this way now, but you can also wear them as belts.  Oh the possibilities!

I could go one and on about these pieces of sunshine.  I am sure that you have noticed the absence of necklaces and shoes.  I cover them in later blogs individually.  After all, they are masterpieces unto themselves.

When deciding what accessories to add to your wardrobe do not be swayed by what is fancied by others.  Standing out is not a bad thing.  Finding your own inner GODDESS and LIGHT is even better.  Finding the right ones for you can help you with your own version of self expression.  Explore, try on, and have fun!  You are a walking miracle and you need to be comfortable in your own skin.  I know that adding some of these lovely goodies to your wardrobe can help you accomplish that.....

Til next time,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to my first blog!

Hello Fellow Lovers of Life,

Throughout my life I have loved many things.  Passions have come and gone while others have remained the same.  I have always loved the swing of a fantastic skirt that looks amazing even while sitting.  Add that to listening to Billie Holiday and dining on ANYTHING cheesy and this Gal is in hog heaven!  It's pretty obvious to others (sometimes to my misfortune) when I am loving or hating something.  Not sure if you have ever experienced this, but it can lead to some awkward situations.  But we'll get to that in a later posting.

After reading one of my favorite books (If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules), I have come to the realization that worrying about things that cannot possibly make you happy, or in turn make you miserable, are a waste of time.  It is time to embrace the greater joys of LIFE and the things that you LOVE.  I have my list; now it is time to make yours.  I would love it if you would share your greater joys in life and how you have come to appreciate them.  In turn, I will search out individuals that are walking the walk.  I know that it will be an interesting journey where we might just ignite the new trend of thought, fashion, or dare I say living.

I believe that it all ties together and that while taking in these pieces of Sunshine and Joy, we will realize that all roads lead us to our own conclusions of what brings us true happiness.  If we happen to look fabulous along the way........all the better!

Til next time,